The technological revolution of Button Making Machine.

In the past 20 years, We have made great progress in Button Machines.

From manual, electrical semi-automatic, to full-automatic.

Cost performance is much better than that of the same type of machine of Tecre company in the United States.

At the same time, the Model No.302 machine developed by our company has been loved by European customers.

While PP300 and PP500 series pneumatic Button machines are also sold in many countries.

These equipments for enterprise users, distributors and high-end individual users.

  1. ABM1000 Automatic machine is most popular.Enterprise users love this one. The popular sizes 56mm,37mm,32mm.We have some of them in stock.
  2. ABM-M Rectangle or square Automatic Magnet Machines.We sold them to Magnets Enterprise Users.Popular sizes 80 * 53mm and 63.5*63.5mm .
  3. PPX Automatic Button Machine  will be the first choice of major Distributors and advanced users.

In 2019, we made more than 20 special shapes button machines.

  • Including Cat face, Pentagram, Water drop, Heart, Kite,diamond,Egg,Triangle, Pentagon,Hexagon, etc.

In Japan, Europe and America, you have a huge market for cultural tourism, political activities, animation, music, and film and television.

Give full play to your market advantages.

Buy our button machines and supplies to start your business.

It’s great income opportunity.

We are a Chinese company and we have given full play to our country’s advantages.

I am committed to developing more specifications, more shapes, high-quality button supplies and machines to meet the needs of customers and the market.

2020 is destined to be an enterprising year.

We make the ABM1000,ABM-M,PPX Automatic Button Making machines

You make the buttons Fast and powerful.

We make more than 20 special shapes and 30 sizes

You make the buttons Unique ,fashionable, Snappy and striking.

Opportunity ahead,Different Button Making Kit.

Special shapes buttons will carry you great investment back.

BadgePlant help you succeed.