H4 Pro Fast to sale BUTTON MAKING KIT

It is the first choice for sellers and individual users.

The 56mm or 2.2 inch Button Badge Making Machine kit is comprehensive, ultra high quality and includes all you need for a simple and easy button making experience. The complete button machine kit includes one premium button machine, one heavy-duty 56mm (2.2 inch) badge mold, one 56mm industrial easy to use circle cutter punch press, 1,000 circle button parts (metal badge button shell , pinned back and mylar).

Choose from a variety of best-selling sizes and supplies that you like.

New rotating base no stuck.

Compared with the old badge machine, the old badge machine uses the sliding channel to realize the production process. It is easy to freeze for a long time and cannot be used for a long time. Our newly upgraded badge machine adopts a rotating base, which will not freeze and support longer Use of time.

All steel and aluminum material.No cracks or breaks.

Button Badge Making Machine is made of all aluminum, with no cracks or breaks, reliable heavy-duty mold. The long ergonomic designed steel handle has a rubber handle cover that offers a comfortable grip, saving energy & time. Fast, two-step, DIY button making process is simple & easy to learn & operate. The circle cutter punch press features a spring-action lever, making the punch press easier. Save yourself from the trouble of cutting by hand.

High quality Button parts.We have both Bright and matte Button supplies.

Perfect for DIY custom pin buttons, create unique homemade buttons for political campaigns or advertising promotion. Personalized gifts for schools, organizations, communities, enterprises, crafters, kids, teens, family, or friends. Create custom ornaments for clothes, bags & key chains, rope ties, bottle openers, artwork, gift wrapping, envelopes, memory books, greeting cards, gift tags, scrapbooks, cards, decorations & any papercraft.


Print picture on Regular paper. The size of the picture should be the same as the transparent mylar film. Set 56mm button bottom and top molds on button machine. Place button shell into top cover mold and picture on the cover. Place transparent film on picture, pull down  handle. Add metal pin back on bottom cover mold, pull down handle.

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