Great Opportunity ahead! Let your business spread like a virus

How to spread your button business? Through this global Covid-19, we have seen the constraints of world economic growth. We have also seen very different results in the fight against the Covid-19 in different countries. The United States is the country with the largest number of infections and deaths in the world. Currently, nearly 300,000 […]


Why are machines of Special shape more expensive except for circular shapes?

Japan is the world’s largest manufacturer and consumer of animation products. The price of their special-shaped button products is 10 to 20 times the price of round buttons.Therefore, aiming for the special shape series will bring you great benefits. Let me tell you why special-shaped more expensive except for circular shapes. You may feel like […]


More than 15 new shapes and sizes buttons have been launched.

In addition to the existing circles, squares, triangles, and ovals. We have developed more than 15 different shapes of buttons. There must be a shape you like. This brings new and greater profit growth space to button makers who have higher requirements for shape and size. The shapes included : Cat face,Star,Egg,Water drop,heart,Triangle,Hexagon,Pentagon,Oval,Rhombus,kite shape,butterfly,diamond,Baby face,Large […]