A building is strong only when its foundations are made in an impeccable way; same will be the case with us where we will be founding your success on our pillars. Button market has expanded by huge amount it is now a wise decision to invest in it. Making buttons has become a profitable business, but relying on machines that break every now and then will do no good to your business.

We at Badgeplant understand your business needs and that is why have come up with high end button producing machine and accessories that will enable you to reach your destined target in terms of success and revenues.

Having highly qualified technicians and engineers who work day and night to come up with the best designs; you have got it all covered by us as not only our machines will take your business to bloom but will also give you a hassle free and enjoyable instruments to work with.

Our business does not only specialize in making button producing machines, but we also have a lot to offer other than this. Other machines include Fridge magnet making machines, Badge Button Mould, Paper cutter, Finished Badge Button, Keychain series.

At Badgeplant, we have a policy of making work fun and in order to accomplish that, we are consistently evolving ways to come up with techniques that will quicken up the process and would make the all-so-boring task amusing and enjoyable. Having provided quality equipments to virtually hundred of customers, you can rely on us and our experience of coming up with innovative solutions to your manufacturing problems.

Our success depends on our clients so we take a lot of care in dealing with them. If you have any query or want your question to be answered, then simply shot a mail at us and we would gladly reply back to you in the least possible time.