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How to increase profit on Buttons?

How to increase profit on Buttons? Yes. The rapid development of tinplate pin button has a history of 30 years. But 90% make ordinary round button,…

Great Opportunity ahead! Let your business spread like a virus

How to spread your button business? Through this global Covid-19, we have seen the constraints of world economic growth. We have also seen very different…

91 Things to do with your Button Maker

Whether you are considering purchasing, borrowing, or already own a button making machine by BadgePlant. Here are 91 ways to get the most bang out of…

Our button making tools help you make better buttons

A building is strong only when its foundations are made in an impeccable way.Same will be the case with us where we will be founding your success on our pillars. Button market has expanded by huge amount it is now a wise decision to invest in it. Making buttons has become a profitable business.We are a mature factory that supply you various button supplies, high-quality manual or pneumatic button maker machine,and cutting equipment.

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MyButtonMachine Tip

Buttons are great for fund raisers and benefits. Due to low cost and high profit margins, they are an excellent source to raise funds as well as advertise the event.




The first choice for enterprise customers.

Can be equipped with all round molds.

The output is 1,200pcs/hour.One person can manage 4 machines.
Adopt advanced PLC operation control management.
The Button shell and pinned back parts are automatically conveyed by vibrating feeder and suction cup.
The image paper sheet is conveyed automatically by the elevator and suction cup.
Photoelectric induction, accurate positioning, high production efficiency, and labor saving.


We not only offer Button maker machines, but also offer Button supplies and Die cutters.We are an one-stop supplier for Button cards industry.